How to Store Cannabis Pollen

Storing Cannabis Pollen: A Comprehensive Guide for Preservation and Success Cannabis pollen plays a crucial role in the breeding process, allowing cultivators to create new and unique strains by combining the genetic traits of different plants. Proper storage of cannabis pollen is vital for preserving its viability and ensuring successful pollination when the time comes.Continue reading “How to Store Cannabis Pollen”

What Is A Hybrid Cannabis Plant?

Exploring the World of Hybrid Cannabis Plants Cannabis has been cultivated and consumed for thousands of years, with a wide variety of strains and genetic lineages resulting from this rich history. As the demand for more diverse cannabis experiences has grown, so too has the interest in hybrid plants. In this article, we will delveContinue reading “What Is A Hybrid Cannabis Plant?”

What Are Landrace Cannabis Strains?

What Are Landrace Cannabis Strains? A landrace cannabis strain is a pure and original cannabis strain that has developed naturally over time in a particular geographic location, without any human intervention or hybridisation with other strains. Landrace strains are usually named after the region or country where they originated from and have adapted to theContinue reading “What Are Landrace Cannabis Strains?”

What Is The Difference Between Open-Pollinated And Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

What is the difference between open-pollinated and hybrid cannabis strains? Open-pollinated cannabis strains are those that are grown through natural pollination, where the male pollen fertilises the female flower. The offspring of these plants will be very similar to their parent plants and can produce consistent traits over many generations, making them stable and reliable.Continue reading “What Is The Difference Between Open-Pollinated And Hybrid Cannabis Strains?”

What Are “S1” Cannabis Seeds?

S1 in cannabis breeding refers to a type of breeding method known as selfing or self-pollination. Selfing involves taking a female cannabis plant and pollinating it with its own pollen. This process results in offspring that are genetically identical to the parent plant. S1 refers to the first generation of offspring that are produced throughContinue reading “What Are “S1” Cannabis Seeds?”

What Are Recessive Traits In Cannabis

What Are Recessive Traits In Cannabis In cannabis breeding, a recessive trait refers to a genetic trait that is not expressed in the offspring unless both parents contribute a copy of the recessive gene. This means that if only one parent carries the recessive gene, the offspring will not show the trait. For example, let’sContinue reading “What Are Recessive Traits In Cannabis”

What Are IBL Cannabis Seeds?

What Are IBL Cannabis Seeds? IBL stands for Inbred Line Breeding, which is a cannabis breeding technique used to create stable, genetically uniform cultivars that consistently produce the same traits from generation to generation. This is achieved by breeding plants that share the same or very similar genetic characteristics, resulting in offspring that are highlyContinue reading “What Are IBL Cannabis Seeds?”

What Are F4 Cannabis Seeds?

What Are F4 Cannabis Seeds? F4 cannabis seeds are fourth-generation seeds that are produced through a process of selective breeding. They are created by crossing two F3 cannabis plants with desirable traits, and then selecting the offspring that exhibit those traits to produce a new generation. This process is repeated for several generations until theContinue reading “What Are F4 Cannabis Seeds?”