Original Big Buddha Family Farms Breeder Profile

The Original Big Buddha Family Farms is a new venture from Big Buddha, also known as Milo Yung. This project marks the start of a new chapter for Big Buddha, who has been in the cannabis industry for over 12 years and was previously associated with Big Buddha Seeds. The aim of this new project is to bring together a network of passionate growers, breeders, and connoisseurs from the UK, Spain, and the USA to collaborate and create exceptional strains of cannabis.

Big Buddha is known for his innovative approach to breeding and his focus on producing strains with high potency, robust growth, and unique flavor profiles. He has built a reputation for producing some of the best strains in the industry and has won numerous awards for his work. The Original Big Buddha Family Farms takes this expertise to a new level, as Big Buddha joins forces with other top breeders to bring a new range of strains to the market.

The Original Big Buddha Family Farms seeds are the result of a joint effort between Big Buddha and his long-standing network of growers and breeders. The goal of this collaboration is to combine the best genetics from each participant to create new and innovative strains that are not only high in quality but also offer unique and exciting flavor profiles. These strains will be available as both regular and feminized seeds, giving growers the flexibility to choose the best option for their needs.

In addition to offering a new range of strains, The Original Big Buddha Family Farms also provides a platform for collaboration between growers and breeders. This creates a unique opportunity for individuals to share their knowledge and expertise, and to learn from one another in a supportive and inclusive environment.

In conclusion, The Original Big Buddha Family Farms is a new and exciting venture in the world of cannabis breeding. With the collaboration of some of the best breeders and growers in the industry, this project promises to bring a new range of high-quality strains to the market. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting out, The Original Big Buddha Family Farms is a great place to find the seeds you need to grow the best cannabis plants possible.

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