Super Strains Seeds Breeder Profile

Born from a passion for cannabis and dedication to breeding, Super Strains is a breeder collective that offers top-quality cannabis seeds for sale. With a history that dates back to the 80s, the team behind Super Strains has been producing and experimenting with a variety of strains for decades.

In 1995, the collective (then known as Hy-Pro Seeds) won the globally renowned High Life Cup for the first time with their original Amnesia strain. This strain was created by crossing an Afghan strain (known as the “Enemy of the State”) with Nevil’s Haze seeds, resulting in a stabilized hybrid that has since become famous for its outstanding growing and smoking qualities.

Over the years, Super Strains has continued to produce and refine their Amnesia strain, winning the High Life Cup multiple times with this same strain. Now, they are offering these top-quality seeds for sale, so that growers and enthusiasts can experience the same high-quality genetics that have made Super Strains a household name in the cannabis community.

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