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Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is a renowned seed bank that specializes in delivering the finest cannabis genetics to eager growers. With a passion for the mighty plant, RQS aims to spread the love of cannabis and help growers and consumers alike learn more about it.

RQS’s motto is simple: If you have the passion, you can grow quality genetics. The company is dedicated to delivering the best genetics and supports every grower. All of RQS’s seeds are hand-picked from organic plants, tested for genetic purity, and daily tested for germination success to ensure industry-leading results. Additionally, the company delivers pure CBD products and partners with organic and sustainable producers.

RQS is always evolving and never stops innovating. The dedicated brand RQS Pro is working on developing high-quality seeds for the professional market, which will also improve the genetics available to every grower. As leaders in the field of medicinal and recreational cannabis, RQS has the tools and the power to design the future of cannabis breeding. With innovation and creativity, the company is making a positive difference in the cannabis community worldwide.

The team at RQS is enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable. They are keen growers who love sharing their cannabis knowledge and are always happy to help and educate customers. RQS is active on popular social media platforms, where they enjoy being part of the community and frequently sponsor and hold contests.

RQS believes in promoting organic and sustainable growing methods and uses organic hemp sources for its products. The company also believes in the sun as the best and most natural choice of light for its gardeners.

Cannabis has a turbulent and exciting history. Previously considered a subculture, cannabis is now widely accepted and is seeing a huge popularity boom in modern society. RQS is doing its part to unite everyone with the philosophy of “Growing, together!” and spread the love for cannabis plants.

In addition to its online store, RQS has three physical store locations in Europe’s cannabis destinations. The first location in the heart of Amsterdam on Damstraat offers an extensive menu of impressive genetics, while the outlet in Amsterdam’s Haarlemmerstraat will surely get you excited about growing. The newest location in Barcelona, Spain is styled like a cannabis museum and offers visitors the opportunity to marvel at exotic bongs and beautiful glass rigs while shopping for popular and classic genetics.

Before its seed bank was created in 2007, RQS had long-standing knowledge and passion for cannabis breeding. Following enormous interest in its strains, the company opened its first shop in Amsterdam in 2010 and launched its website in 2011. Propelled by continuous demand, RQS opened another shop in Amsterdam in 2015 and welcomed clients in its shop in Barcelona, Spain in 2016. In 2022, the company opened its newest location in Bangkok, Thailand and started operating in the United States in 2023, launching the first true F1 Hybrid Cannabis seeds in the market. Today, RQS operates in 17 countries in Europe and offers over 90 high-quality strains, growing equipment, growing advice, knowledge, tips, and more.

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