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Paradise Seeds: The Quest for the Best Cannabis Genetics

Paradise Seeds is a renowned seed bank that was founded in 1994, with a mission to provide the best quality cannabis seeds to growers worldwide. The founder of Paradise Seeds, who had been growing cannabis since the early 1980s, saw a need for better quality strains in the market and decided to take on the challenge of developing high-quality genetics. The company is based in Amsterdam, the birthplace of the world’s finest cannabis.

The Journey to Quality Genetics

In Amsterdam, many coffeeshops were selling imported hash and weed of poor quality. The founder of Paradise Seeds saw this as an opportunity to create better cannabis, with a sweet and spicy taste, and a stronger effect. He started conducting research and experiments to find the best genetics, growing the plants in Amsterdam and other outdoor locations in Holland. This research led to the creation of several new varieties of cannabis, which were shared with friends and local coffeeshops. The demand for the high-quality strains increased, and what started as a personal research project became Paradise Seeds, a reputable seed bank that provides top-quality seeds to growers worldwide.

Organic and Hand-Selected Seeds

Paradise Seeds takes great care in producing their seeds organically, ensuring that they contain all the necessary trace elements for a strong start. The pollination process is carefully monitored, with pollen filters used in all grow rooms to prevent stray pollen from male plants from contaminating the stock. The pollination is scheduled carefully to avoid seeds of inferior quality. After the production of seeds, only the best seeds are selected by hand, and the premature and non-fertile ones are discarded. The seeds are then tested for viability and germination to ensure that they are fresh and alive, and will grow top-quality plants.

Participation in International Cannabis Expositions

Paradise Seeds has a strong presence on the international cannabis scene, participating in numerous public cannabis exhibitions. The company’s mission is to prove that Dutch-grown seeds are not inferior to those grown in other countries and, at times, are far better than many of the seeds commercially available from leading producers. The company’s commitment to quality and its reputation for producing the finest cannabis genetics has led to its growing popularity and recognition globally.

In conclusion, Paradise Seeds is a seed bank that prides itself on producing high-quality cannabis seeds, using strict criteria and a commitment to organic production methods. With a rich history and a passion for growing the finest cannabis, Paradise Seeds is a company that truly embodies the spirit of the quest for the best genetics.

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