Lady Sativa Genetics Breeder Profile

Lady Sativa Genetics is a cannabis seed collective that was established in Amsterdam and has quickly become a prominent player in the cannabis industry. The team behind Lady Sativa Genetics consists of experienced growers from all around the world who have come together to provide the market with high-quality cannabis seeds.

Lady Sativa Genetics is well-known for their exceptional growing skills, which have been recognized in the industry with their win at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2013, followed by a win at the Barcelona Breeders Cup in 2014. This recognition has established Lady Sativa Genetics as one of the top growers in the industry.

Despite being a relatively new company, the team behind Lady Sativa Genetics is made up of old-school growers with deep roots in the cannabis industry. This experience and expertise is reflected in their high-quality seeds and their commitment to the industry.

Lady Sativa Genetics only used to produce regular cannabis seeds, but after seeing the increasing demand for feminized seeds, they decided to expand their offerings to include these as well. This has allowed them to reach a wider range of customers and further establish their place as a leading seed bank in the industry.

In conclusion, Lady Sativa Genetics is a company that has quickly made a name for themselves in the cannabis industry with their exceptional growing skills and commitment to providing high-quality seeds. Their team of experienced growers from around the world is a testament to their expertise and dedication to the industry. With their continued growth and expansion, Lady Sativa Genetics is poised to become a household name in the cannabis community.

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