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Kalashnikov Seeds: A Journey from Soviet Army Veterans to Cannabis Breeders

Based in the Kuban region of Russia, Kalashnikov Seeds was founded by a group of old school growers who are also Soviet army veterans. They have been breeding cannabis seeds in Russia since 2002 and have been actively selling their seeds since 2013. In a short time, Kalashnikov Seeds became a prominent player in the post-Soviet union cannabis market and have been competing with many Western seed banks even in their local regions. Today, their seeds are available in seven European countries and they are always looking to expand into additional markets.

The team at Kalashnikov Seeds have a mission to prove that Russian-grown seeds are not in any way inferior to those developed in other countries. In fact, they are sometimes far better than many of the seeds commercially available from leading producers. They participate in numerous international public cannabis expositions to expand their market beyond Russia’s borders.

After years of experimentation, the team at Kalashnikov Seeds has developed a line of “Express” strains, in addition to autoflowering and feminized seeds. These strains are characterized by a shorter flowering period compared to their feminized counterparts and require less daylight sunshine to enter the flowering stage, which is a significant advantage for growers. With an outdoor harvest in October, Express strains can be harvested two weeks earlier than feminized plants.

Kalashnikov Seeds prides itself on its commitment to quality, affordability, and the use of the best genetics. They have a Telegram channel where you can keep up to date with their latest developments and view strain photos on Google Maps. The locations are approximate with a radius of 20 km and anyone can add their own pictures.

In conclusion, Kalashnikov Seeds is a company that stands for quality, affordability, and a commitment to the best genetics. With their participation in international cannabis expositions, they are proving that Russian-grown seeds are not in any way inferior to those developed in other countries. With a focus on shorter flowering periods and outdoor harvests, Kalashnikov Seeds is a company that is sure to make a lasting impression on the cannabis community.

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