Flavour Chasers Breeder Profile

The journey of Flavour Chasers has been a thrilling but challenging one for the team. The idea of bringing the best flavors of the US to the UK and Europe originated in England, where the team was frustrated by the lack of availability of “flavor” strains for non-US residents. Upon the legalization of marijuana in California, Flavour Chasers headed straight to the heart of Cali to produce these flavors for the breeders of England.

After years of selective and precise breeding, Flavour Chasers have finally achieved their goal of producing strains that are of the highest quality and suitable for collection by breeders worldwide. The team is always on the lookout for new strains and creates their own crosses based on the most popular ones. Despite some failed attempts in their experimenting, Flavour Chasers have managed to come up with some delicious and unique crosses, which are now available in seed form and not just as clones.

The sole aim of Flavour Chasers is to bring the best of the weed world to the masses and spread their flavors across Europe with new and exciting flavors always in the pipeline. The breeding process is taken seriously at Flavour Chasers, and they have a hybrid hunter team that scours the world for the best hybrids to keep them at the forefront of the industry.

Breeders Collective is proud to offer such amazing strains from Flavour Chasers, who have dedicated their time and effort to bring the best flavors to the world of weed.

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