What Are “S1” Cannabis Seeds?

What Are "S1" Cannabis Seeds?

S1 in cannabis breeding refers to a type of breeding method known as selfing or self-pollination. Selfing involves taking a female cannabis plant and pollinating it with its own pollen. This process results in offspring that are genetically identical to the parent plant. S1 refers to the first generation of offspring that are produced through selfing.

The S1 generation is often used by cannabis breeders to stabilize desirable traits in a plant. When a plant is selfed, the resulting offspring will have the same genetics as the parent plant, including any desirable traits that the breeder is trying to stabilize. By selfing the plant multiple times, the breeder can increase the level of homozygosity, or the degree to which the offspring are genetically identical to the parent.

The process of achieving S1 involves several steps. First, the breeder selects a female cannabis plant with desirable traits, such as high potency, large yields, or specific flavors and aromas. The breeder then takes pollen from the same plant and uses it to pollinate the female flowers. This can be done either by placing a bag over the flowers to collect pollen or by manually applying pollen to the flowers using a brush or other tool.

Once the seeds are harvested, the breeder grows out the offspring and selects the best plants with the desired traits. These plants are then selfed again to produce the S2 generation, and the process is repeated until the breeder has achieved the desired level of stability.

It’s worth noting that while selfing can be an effective way to stabilize desirable traits in a plant, it can also result in a loss of genetic diversity. This can make the plant more vulnerable to disease and pests, and can limit its ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. As such, it’s important for breeders to maintain a diverse genetic pool and avoid relying too heavily on any one strain or individual plant.

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