What Is “Topping” In Cannabis Growing?

What Is "Topping" In Cannabis Growing?
Example Of High Stress Training (HST)
Cannabis Plant That Has Been Topped

What is “topping” in cannabis growing and what is it used for?

In cannabis growing, “topping” refers to the practice of cutting off the top of a cannabis plant’s main stem to encourage lateral growth and create multiple main colas. This technique can increase the yield and create a more even canopy for better light penetration and increased bud production. Topping can be used in conjunction with other plant training techniques to create a more robust and productive cannabis plant.

How does topping help a cannabis plant grow?

Topping a cannabis plant involves cutting off the main stem’s tip, which results in the plant growing two new shoots at the location of the cut. These new shoots will become the plant’s new main stems, and as they grow, they will develop their own side branches and buds.

Topping allows growers to control the plant’s shape and size, as well as create multiple colas, which can lead to a higher yield of quality buds. It also allows for better light penetration, which can result in increased bud production throughout the plant. By topping the plant, the grower can create a more even canopy, which helps the plant to receive light more efficiently, leading to a more productive and robust plant.

When should topping be applied to a cannabis plant?

Topping is typically done during the vegetative stage of cannabis growth when the plant is actively growing and developing new leaves and branches. It is usually recommended to wait until the plant has grown at least 4-6 nodes, or sets of leaves, before topping to ensure that the plant is strong and healthy enough to handle the stress.

The exact timing of topping will depend on the strain, growing conditions, and the desired shape and size of the plant. Some growers may choose to top their plants once, while others may top them multiple times to create a more complex plant structure.

It’s important to note that topping can be stressful for the plant, so it’s essential to ensure that the plant is healthy and has recovered fully before topping again or applying any other plant training techniques.

Example of cannabis being topped

Cannabis Plant Before Being Topped
Cannabis Plant Before Being Topped
Cannabis Plant Being Topped
Cannabis Plant Being Topped
Example Of High Stress Training (HST)
Cannabis Plant Before Being Topped

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