How To Store Cannabis Seeds

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

Storing cannabis seeds correctly is very important, especially long term. Many people will buy seeds for their collections and it may be years before the seeds are needed. Cannabis seeds are alive, they should be stored correctly to ensure germination rates are as good as possible after long periods.

All seeds we sell are as fresh as can be, and we go to great lengths to ensure the quality seeds our customers receive are the best quality to be used straight away or stored long term.

When storing cannabis seeds for any period of time, it is always advisable to keep them in the original packaging.

Placing any seed packs in a grip-seal bag before storing them is a great idea. You can squeeze all of the air out, further protecting your seeds from changes in humidity. This will also protect your seed packs from any excess moisture or spills you may have over the time you are storing your seeds.

Storing Cannabis Seeds For Short Periods Of Time

Cannabis Seeds can be stored for short periods without the need for temperature-controlled environments. For periods of up to a year cannabis seeds should be stored in a dark environment that’s dry and cool. Temperature fluctuations should be avoided for short-term storage, and any area affected by adverse weather conditions or heating/cooling in homes should also be avoided.

Long-Term Cannabis Seed Storage

Storing cannabis seeds long-term should be done in temperature-controlled environments. For periods of over 1 year, a fridge is best suited. Seeds should be stored in a container within the fridge, ideally with something to remove any moisture that may build up in the container. The container should be dark to stop the fridge light from affecting the seeds.

Temperature fluctuations when storing in a fridge used daily are inevitable, it is advisable to use a dedicated fridge when possible. Should the seeds be stored in a fridge that is used on a regular basis, a thick-walled or insulated/polystyrene box will work great. Keeping a constant temperature over periods of time will give you the best success rate when germinating seeds.

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