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Smiley’s Angels have come onto the scene with a bang, strains like Hippie Goggles have got growers taking a 2nd look and then a 4th once they actually grow them. The baby of one of the nicest people we’ve met in the online community. Smiley’s Garden has been a regular on many podcasts spreading his knowledge freely. When he’s not on a podcast trying to share his knowledge, you can find Smiley in the YouTube Chats still spreading the knowledge and having a laugh. Between growing his cannabis, growing his food, spreading information on podcasts, or listening to them… Smiley has also managed to breed some stunning strains.

We are very proud to be able to add Smiley’s Angels strains to our collection, and, make them available to you. At present we have Hippie Goggles, Burnside, Sky Punch, and Sky Stomper, available. Full strain descriptions can be found on the store pages. We are very lucky to have friends over at Growroom420 who will also be putting these strains through their paces in legal settings. So we will be able to provide up-to-date information/reviews on these strains and many more.

Strains Available from Smiley’s Angels


Hippie Goggles

Sky Stomper

Sky Punch

We are currently running a 25% off sale for all Smiley’s Angels Seeds.

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