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Trichome Jungle Seeds Free Seed Promotion

We are very proud to announce that we will be stocking Trichome Jungle Seeds. We got to know Trichome Jungle Seeds through our sister project/podcast. There is no question when it comes to the quality of Trichome Jungle Seeds’ genetics. When a breeder makes a statement like “every pack contains a cup winner”… You need to sit up and listen. And that is exactly what people have been doing for years.

Trichome Jungle Seeds has produced some absolute cracking strains. He has done his time on the forums, social media, and podcasts, on all platforms one thing is clear, he has a passion for growing and producing top-level cannabis strains for growers around the world. His passion is evident in his genetics, if you have grown them you will already know this to be true. We look forward to making Trichome Jungle Seeds genetics available to you for your collections.

Strains Available From Trichome Jungle Seeds

Shivas Soul

Cherry Soul

Pineapple Soul

Raspberry Soul

Rose Soul

Sour Fusion

Tropical Cocktail

All seeds are feminised. We are running a promotion at the moment which gets you 25% off all Trichome Jungle Seeds and 5 free Orange Soul feminised seeds with every pack.

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